The New Adventures of Cherry Star


Cherry Star
The New Adventures of Cherry Star is an adventure story for young children ages 6-10, whose smart, sensitive heroine presents a positive, age-appropriate role model. In her adventures, Cherry Star accepts challenges, demonstrating courage and imagination. The objective is to encourage young girls to be independent and creative, master skills, and feel good about themselves.

Sometimes school can be a difficult place to maneuver around and children are not fully equipped with the sophisticated social skills required. Sensitive, creative souls can have a harder time "fitting in on the playground." In the story Cherry has problems trusting in herself, the children at school, and her parents. Other children should relate to the peer pressure and stereotyping problems that Cherry shares.

The inspiration for "Cherry Star" came from my niece Rosanna. I loved to watch her play in her imaginary worlds. Both the "real life" Rosanna and the Cherry Star character in the book cope with similar problems and childhood pressures, and through it all they rise to the occasion and become smart, self-confident, and successful young ladies. I hope that Cherry Star encourages other young girls to have self-confidence and the courage to be unique.