The New Adventures of Cherry Star



The purpose of the New Adventures of Cherry is to give young children a wholesome, courageous role model to identify with. The accompanying CD of computer activities is designed to motivate children to spend more time enjoying, engaging and participating in technology.

The New Adventures of Cherry Star is a print based book for young children with a CD of interactive Language Arts and Technology activities. The book and the CD have been designed for young children from the ages of six to ten. The curriculum is accessible for a variable range of users within the target audience. Young readers can read the book independently or with adult guidance.

The book can be used as part as a Language Arts and Technology Curriculum project. It includes an "edutainment" CD companion and a workbook of fun and interactive computer activities designed to appeal to young children's' interests. All activities include learning objectives, standards (see list on CD & Workbook page), and lesson guides for children and adults in the workbook.

The computer activities are designed for first to fourth grade levels. Computer documents were created in programs that are equally accessible on most computers. The activities are divided into four sections of activities: Come n' Read, Come n' Write, Come n' Play, and Internet Activities. The Come ’n Learn section has a writing component where students can write their stories and submit them to the Web site.

The book, the CD, and the workbook may be used by children reading independently, in a home school setting, or in a regular classroom setting.

By integrating Language Arts and Technology children will practice using computers at an earlier age and increase their skills and self-confidence in technology.