The New Adventures of Cherry Star


Title: Cherry Star Goes Home
By Masha Lily

Cherry rode back to her house in the truck. When they pulled into her driveway her mom and dad ran out to meet them. Cherry's mom was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and an old pair of white tennis shoes. She was of medium height and had sandy, wavy blonde hair that came down to her shoulders. She walked with short fast steps, almost like she was wearing a tight dress. She had blue eyes, tan skin and long red fingernails. Cherry was used to seeing her mom in work clothes, a suit with a matching skirt. Her wavy hair was usually pulled up into a bun and she almost always had some bright red lipstick on. Her mom had not gone to work today because she was worried about Cherry.

Her dad lifted her down from the truck and gave her a big hug. Cherry's dad had brown hair with a little gray in it. He had brown eyes and was pretty tall. He walked with big long steps and talked fast almost like he was nervous. After Cherry’s dad finished hugging her he passed her to her
Mom who hugged her some more. Where have you been? Where did you sleep? Whose dog is this? Cherry's Mom and Dad were asking so many questions that she did not have time to answer one question before she was asked another.

“Let’s go sit down in the garden and talk,” her mom finally suggested. “I’ll get some drinks and snacks; you guys must be hungry!! Cherry’s mom disappeared inside the house to find some food. Cherry’s dad thanked Truck’s Dad again for taking Cherry home, and then he asked them if they would like to stay for snacks. They said they would love to. So Cherry and her dad led the way to the garden. It was a beautiful day; the sky was blue with only one or two clouds in the distance. You could smell the flowers in Cherry’s garden and you could hear some children playing close by. Cherry’s mom came out with a big plate filled with cheese, crackers, apple slices, peanut butter, and cold apple juice. “Now”, Cherry’s mom said, “tell us exactly what happened!”

So cherry did! She told them what happened from the time she wandered away from the birthday party to the time Truck’s Dad brought her home. Everyone sat and listened quietly, even Heffer. Cherry’s Mom and Dad were very proud of her because they knew she had done the right thing many times during her adventure. Now Cherry asked the question she had been planning to ask since she got in the big truck: “Mom, Dad, can I keep Heffer please? He helped me in the woods and he has no real home.” Cherry’s Mom and Dad looked at each other, then cherry’s mom said, and “You know a dog is a big responsibility.”

“A very big responsibility,” her Dad added with a smile. “I know, Cherry said.” Then she hugged her mom and dad because she new she could keep Heffer.

Cherry and Heffer were sitting in the front yard. Heffer was lying on the grass and Cherry was lying on Heffer. Truck and his dad had left about 10 minutes ago. Cherry and Truck had given each other their phone numbers so they could play together some more. Then Cherry and Heffer had run around the yard till they got tired and fell down on the grass.

Cherry’s mom came outside with her hair pinned up in a bun. She had on red lipstick, high heels and a tan suit. “I have to go to work Cherry, she said. “I’ll be back in about an hour and a half. Mr. Johnson can’t find his papers. I'm just going to straighten things out, then I’ll be right back, OK?” “OK, “ Cherry said. Cherry’s mom was the secretary at Mr. Johnson's office. Mr. Johnson was a dentist. He was very messy and he could never find anything. Cherry's mom gave Cherry a kiss on the head and Heffer a pat on the head. “Bye,” she called as she drove away.

Just then Cherry saw a big moving truck pull into the driveway next door. The truck stopped; and a man, a woman and a girl that looked about Cherry’s age got out of the truck. Cherry was very excited. This must be the family that bought the Bluestein’s old house. Mr. and Mrs. Bluestein was an old couple that Cherry liked a lot but had moved to Florida to be with their son. Cherry wondered if she and that girl could be friends. She did not have any friends besides her new friends, Heffer and Truck. At first she was too shy to go say hi. Then she realized they could never be friends if she did not break the ice. “Come on Heffer,” Cherry said, “let's go say hi.” So Cherry and Heffer walked across the yard to the girl. “Hi,” Cherry said, “This is Heffer and I’m Cherry Star. Is this your new house?” “My name is Violet, and yes this is my new house. “ Violet had black curly hair that came just past her shoulders. She had rosy cheeks, blue eyes and braces. She was wearing a pink T-shirt, jean shorts and pink high tops.

Cherry's dad walked outside with a bucket, a brush and some soap. “Time for Heffer’s bath.” “Can Violet help?” Cherry asked. “If it’s ok with her mom and dad,” her dad answered. Violet went inside to check with her mom and dad. She came right back. “They said it’s fine,” she told Cherry. They walked back to Cherry’s yard and got things ready for Heffer’s bath. She was just about to turn on the hose when Truck and his dad drove up and parked in front of Cherry’s house. Truck jumped out of the truck, “You forgot your sweater,” he called. “Would you like to help us wash Heffer?” Cherry’s dad asked Truck and his dad. “Can we please?” Truck begged. “Why not,” his dad answered. So Truck, Violet, and Cherry washed Heffer ‘til he was the cleanest dog in the world. The sun was starting to set and Violet’s mom called for her to come home. Truck’s dad said they had to go home too. Cherry’s mom got home just as Truck was leaving.

Then Cherry, her mom and her dad went inside. Cherry read a little then she got ready for bed. Cherry’s mom and dad came in to say goodnight. After they turned off the light and went into their room, Cherry lay in bed thinking about all the fun she had had the past two days and all the fun she would have the next day with all her new friends!

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